Meet the Author

Not much happens around these parts.

But when one of your favorite cookbook authors comes to the area it’s a good idea to go!

I have mentioned there is a small group of us who similarly cook .  One of the paleo cookbook authors we seem to like the best is Danielle Walker of Against All Grain.  She has a newer book out Meals Made Simple.  I even have her two e-book cookbooks which is a huge rule breaker for me – but they are worth it!

3-image2 (2)

I cannot name one recipe yet from either of these books that has not been a hit!  She has this way of making grain free foods taste just like the recipes in my old repertoire.  Like Beef Stroganoff, and Chicken and RIce Casserole.  Foods I have missed.

Her book tour brought her to our area Friday night.  And we went!!

Following a stop at Legal Seafoods we enjoyed her talk, Q&A and then the book signing!

1-image2 (4) - Copy

She is even sweeter in person.


And more beautiful.

She took the time to speak to everyone and asked us questions.  It was a lovely night!

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