Low Carb Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip

 I host Christmas most of the time.  We manage to fit all these people into The Little Red House, it’s once a year.

We start around Noon and have dinner around 4.  Apps are the key to this routine.

My ‘newly engaged!!’ niece brings some things for everyone to enjoy and I do the hot one.

I chose my new favorite – Hot Buffalo Chicken Dip.

I tripped on this in a restaurant over the summer.  I devoured it.  However, I suspect there was flour in it.  WHY do restaurants do that?!  I digress.

This is a huge crowd pleaser and is great for Football Sundays or parties.

1-Photo Dec 25, 12 55 14 PM

It is simple enough to make ahead.

I spread a block of cream cheese in a pie dish.

6-2014-12-24 11.19.21

Take some of my pre-shredded chicken out of the freezer and defrost.  Toss it with about a cup of wing sauce.

5-2014-12-24 11.19.52

While a true ‘primal’ eater would make their own sauce from scratch.  I have relaxed my standards a bit.  I prefer this one.  Mainly because they make it in a Mild version.  I am still have my Irish palate but I am getting better about the heat.
3-2014-12-24 11.20.53

Layer with a 1/2 cup of cheddar.  I always use aged raw cheddar 😉  It digests better for me.

Drizzle with some Bleu Cheese dressing.  (Yes, Marie’s is my second downfall for processed foods…)

2-2014-12-24 11.22.33

Wrap and label.  Cook the day of.1-2014-12-24 11.23.12

I serve with celery chunks.  They are my crackers.

It did not last.

I offered to heat it up half way through but the crowd told me not to take it away 😉

For sure this will be on our table this weekend when the Patriots try to take the AFC Championship – again!

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