New Recipes – Halve It

When I talk about all my new cookbooks, websites and pinned recipes that I try sometimes the results are varied.

Some are great, some are okay and some are not for me.  Some I love or like, but the family refused.  Or the Mr. and I loved, but the kids balked.

The problem is this way of eating can get expensive.  While I am not spending a lot on processed foods these days a lot of the ingredients called for can add up quickly.


(image source: Google images)

Need a 1/2 tsp of xanthum gum – the bag costs $10-$14.  Coconut aminos which is used as a soy sauce replacement is about $6.50 for a small bottle.  Almond Flour & Coconut Flour – trust me – expensive.  And when you are striving to use the healthiest cuts of protein (grass-fed beefs, organic chicken, antibiotic free pork) that is a checkbook killer.  Organic veggies…. you know how that goes.

When I try a recipe for the first time I try my hardest to remind myself – HALVE THE RECIPE!

This is quickly becoming my new favorite book!

Recently, I tried Danielle Walker from Against All Grain’s Minestrone Soup from her new book Meals Made Simple.  I was not paying attention.  I ended up with my large crockpot FULL to the top with a new soup.  I worried that it will be wasted or worse I will be eating all myself.

1-2014-12-06 11.19.19

Lucky for me it was a total winner!!

I was able to enjoy the frozen jars of soup from my freezer over the whole month of December.


Freezing soups in jars for single serving size quick meals. Click to read more.

One recipe I had REALLY high hopes for was All Day I Dream About Food’s Cinnamon Buns.  Anytime I can find a replacement for traditional foods that I used to enjoy I am game.

While they looked good…


I think the girls are onto me!

2-IMG_9415 These were just a miss.

I am also lucky enough that friends who enjoy this way of cooking are willing to share new recipes they try, photos, and best of all if their families gave it the thumbs up or down.

There is no replacing a ‘kid’s review’!

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