I Love… My New Crepe Pan

Low carb Wraps or Crepes are fairly new to me.  Sometimes, I usually just do better ‘without’.

I was looking to try a new recipe from Against All Grain Meals Made Simple called Wraps.  Not to be confused with her Crepe recipe from her first book.  In hindsight I should have tried that one first… I will share why in a bit.

I chose the Paderno 8.5 inch pan.  It was the one Danielle Walker recommended.  Then when I finally decided to try the recipe I burned my pretty new pan in the seasoning process 😦

1-2015-01-03 09.10.51

But the good news is that it still worked!

Once I started the recipe I realized it called for a good amount of Arrowroot Powder.  Something I had on hand but had not played with much.  After I dumped the 1/4 cup in I realize the carb count had skyrocketed.  And some further research showed her Crepe recipe did not use arrowroot and I should have tried that first.

I heated the pan, and poured it in

6-2014-12-29 17.39.52

I waited and waited for the edges to lift

5-2014-12-29 17.40.08

Flipped it

4-2014-12-29 17.41.43

I waited too long on this one

3-2014-12-29 17.48.13

This is what they are supposed to look like.  I came close with most of them.

1-2014-12-29 18.05.40

Using my trick of halving the recipe I ended up with 5.

I calculated the carb count to be 5 per wrap.  Okay, if I treat them as treats.

I bagged them as she suggested with parchment between each layer.

2-2014-12-29 18.05.29

I sampled one right away by spreading some almond butter on it.

It was good.

Like – so good that it felt wrong.

The next morning I made egg & cheese wraps for the Mr. and I

3-2014-12-30 09.49.20

 1-2014-12-30 09.50.21 2-2014-12-30 09.50.05

I would like to try these next time as a layer in lasagna as she suggested.

Very glad I made in small investment in the pan!

Love it!!


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