I Love… Keds

One thing I do not love is shoes.

Well, I do love shoes.

 I just do not love having wide feet with a bone spur.  And throw in plantar faciitis which decides to pop up off and on.

This makes finding shoes especially difficult.

One pair of shoes that has treated me well over the years is white Keds sneakers.

And they have to be white.

I remember sporting them in high school with my fancy Guess jeans.  And with my summer shorts.

We are talking 1984 people.

I remember wearing them while dating the Mr. all through the 90s. And commuting in and out of Boston on the train.

I know I was wearing them as I was raising two toddlers.

They are just a staple.

And it seems they are ‘in fashion’ again?  That is what Pinterest is telling me anyways!

Not to be confused with white Converse low tops.  That is what my teen wears.


And she rocks them.

Or Vans.  That is what the Tween wears.


But, I am old.  And they don’t sell them in wide width.  Sad.

I will be sporting them again this Spring – with leggings: (images from Pinterest)

keds leggings

rolled up jeans

keds2 keds

and even with skirts/dresses

keds dress.

It is just the only way to go for old tired sore feet like mine.

This is the pair I have been wearing for the past few years.

The standard Champion is fine I have just really liked the fit on these.

Keds Spirit in Leather.

keds side

  keds top ok

I think I am partial to the blue stripe.

I order a new pair every Spring.  In my trusty 6.5 W.

I just wish it was Spring right now!

Love It!

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