I Love… Favorite Kitchen Tools

We are on Winter Vacation this week.  I am re sharing a post I wrote about Kitchen Tools. Enjoy!

I was recently asked what my most used kitchen tool was.

I had to think!

Kitchenaid rKP26M1Xcs Professional 600 Stand Mixer 6 quart 10 speed Power SILVER

I wanted to say my new shiny Kitchen Aid Pro mixer, but no.

I wanted to say my salad spinner that I use so much I broke one recently and had to get a new one, but no.

Or could it be something big and obvious like the dishwasher or stove – it is not.

Or small like a big name brand chef’s knife – no, I don’t even have one of those.

Maybe my slow cooker? Close but no

It is this – the one simple thing that I have been known to use sometimes 3 times a day.

My Lodge Cast Iron skillet.  


For years I avoided it because it is SO HARD to clean. But I have learned a few things:

1. this is the perfect replacement to my non stick pan for eggs – YES, I make eggs in mine every morning.

2. the heat retention is amazing – perfect for cooking meat, hamburgers, chicken, sautéed veggies or even tomato sauce.

3. I use this as my pizza pan now too!

How do I care for mine?

2 things: cold water in a hot pan & a scraper.

That’s it.

Once I am done cooking with it – I splash it with cold tap water – and all the baked on stuff just scrapes right off.  Then I paper towel it down while it cools right on the burner.  I typically rub some coconut oil back into it before I store it.

There are times it starts to show ‘gray’ and I season it (coconut oil, in the oven for an hour, then cool).  But it is not often.


I mentioned that it is my pizza pan.  How does a grain-free low carber eat pizza?  This is my secret recipe.

The Mr. even eats it – maybe because I withheld pizza for so long!

My favorite recipe Deep Dish Pizza can be found here at Maria Mind Body and Health.

Just some egg whites and protein powder mixed together and presto I have crust.  I do prefer other crusts with nut flours but this one has very low carbs.


It really does not take me any longer to prep than a homemade pizza with old fashioned wheat laden-ed dough from the market.


And as you can see there is an actual crust.   We all it the perfect delivery system for the good stuff – cheese and sauce!


I was the queen of non-stick cookware.  Yes, I still have one or two pieces but I rarely use them.

Anyone stopping over will usually see it sitting on my stove – it gets used that much.

What is YOUR most used kitchen tool?

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