I Love… Project Life App

I touched on Project Life a while back. I wrote about it here.

At the time I was doing hands on, cutting, pasting, real life scrap booking with this process that was new to me.  The major shift in iPhone photography vs. my Canon DSLR was the main catalyst for this.  I take more photos now.  I want to preserve more and share my story differently.  I had never taken to digital scrapbooking.  I need to touch and feel everything.

iPhone Screenshot 1

Over the summer Becky Higgins released a Project Life App.  This people, is a game changer!

I can now sit with the iPad where ever I am and bring all my iPhone photos into the app and simply drop and drag, edit, add filler cards and write text in one sitting.

Yup, that easy!

I do make in app purchases for card sets I want.  Considering my usual costs to paper scrapbooking these .99 – 2.99 purchases are nominal.

I then print the 12×12 pages – which come out beautiful at Persnickety Prints.  I get gorgeous printed pages for 1.99.  Again, nominal to me.

So I started here with full on paper scrapbooking


and switched to the Project Life method


and now I have this

05-IMG_0169 06-IMG_0170 08-IMG_0172 09-IMG_0173

Yup, that easy!

These are now printed and added to the album.


Yup, the photo is upside down! I am NOT perfect.

This is what works for me right now.

I am pleased to report I am officially caught up on all my scrapbooks to the year 2015.  This is not an easy thing to do.

I Love That!

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