I Love… Bullet Proof Coffee


Yup, I love it.

I have favorite mugs, flavors, ways to prep it, and times to drink it.

1-2015-01-04 07.03.15

It is the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning.  My Keurig is on and heated just waiting for me.

I love to Bullet Proof it.

Bullet Proofing is adding a serving of fat to coffee other than cream that sustains me for the majority of the morning.  It cuts my hunger in half and gives me great energy.

Here are a few ways to Bullet Proof your coffee.

NOW Foods Mct 100% Oil, 32-Fluid Ounces


Before you cringe – keep in mind I eat a Low Carb High Fat diet.  Fat is important to my day.

To accomplish this I add either a tablespoon of unsalted Kerrygold – the heat of the coffee melts it.  Or I add 1-2 teaspoons of MCT Oil.  Which is a Medium Chain Triglyceride from Coconut Oil.  It is not for everyone and you need to build up the serving size slowly (tummy issues).

2-2015-01-04 07.05.54

Now for the yummy stuff!

I use flavored stevia drops for sweetness and flavors.  Butter Toffee and Hazelnut are my favorites.

A shake of Tumeric spice

   and CinnamonI still use a stir of cream as I just like it light.  Or I add a dollop of Coconut Cream.

Then the key to all of this –

A frother. Any inexpensive one will do.  Which I should mention if you have kids who like Hot Cocoa and you don’t have one of these… get one!

Ikea Produkt 100.763.20 Milk-frother, Silver

3-2015-01-04 07.06.44

 All warm, creamy and spicy.  The perfect start to my day.

4-2015-01-04 07.07.06

You should know that I have a Dunkin Donuts in very close walking distance to my Little Red House.  And I prefer this coffee over theirs – any day!

I Love That!

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2 thoughts on “I Love… Bullet Proof Coffee

  1. I just started making these too! Sometimes I put a drop of peppermint essential oil in too. But it’s the butter that I think I love. I need to get back to my low carb eating….going to explore your wonderful site! (found you on Link Party Palooza)

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