New England Road Trip – Wahlburgers

I used to post about places we traveled around to in New England with the kids. Like beaches, little towns, corners of our beautiful area on Cape Ann.  Here are a few of my favs:  MOFA Boston, Plimoth Plantation, Beacon Hill and Salem.

Recently, we took a little trip to the South Shore of Massachusetts to Hingham that I want to share.

First some background:

Mark Wahlburg?  Donnie Wahlburg? Familiar with these names?

I have to admit I am a huge Mark fan.  In fact, I blame my first born for her 10 day delivery delay and keeping me in the hospital in June of 2000 when the movie The Perfect Storm opened and Mark was at the opening in my home town and I missed it!  Albeit for a good reason.  She was worth it.

Yes, I would have been in that crowd!

If you tune into the A&E Channel at all you will know that the brothers have opened a burger joint.

 And it is located here in Mass.  Lucky us!!

We popped down for a visit before Christmas.

1-Photo Dec 20, 11 18 40 AM

And while the burgers were good and well priced – we did not see Mark.  Or Donnie.

But we did see the other brother Paul, the celebrity chef, Wahlburg.  That had me my girls content.

Here are some shots from our day.

08-0127dfaecb7d8df916f35652559ae1b0f0d656f0772-Photo Dec 20, 11 22 58 AM07-01fbc1bf78f01b49bdbd795091f635f68a50087295 3-Photo Dec 20, 12 07 40 PM

Yes we totally pulled the whole groupie ‘let’s take selfies the whole time’ thing.  It was really fun!


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